High Specialty Surgery Center

High specialty surgery with the strictest quality and safety standards

Our Surgery Center’s mission is to provide our patients with general and high specialty medical-surgical services with the highest standards of quality and safety comparable to centers of international excellence, through  a multidisciplinary team that employs standardized and evidence-based clinical protocols that ensure  efficient patient care and flow, as well as transparency in service charges to achieve a positive experience.

7,000 surgical procedures each year

We are known for practicing medicine of the highest level of quality and being at the forefront.

ABC Medical Center has hosted historic events such as the first laparoscopic surgeries in Mexico.

Our commitment to innovate maintains the ABC Medical Center as a pioneering institution in the practice of this discipline.

Minimal Invasion, Faster Recoveries

Minimally invasive surgical approaches are performed at the Surgery Center to decrease complications, shorten hospital stay, minimize postoperative pain, and speed recovery so patients can return to daily activities more quickly.

An increasing variety of procedures are performed with these techniques, such as cholecystectomies, anti-reflux surgery, inguinal and abdominal wall hernias, and bowel and colon resections, to achieve results comparable to those of leading international institutions.

Robotic Surgery Center

A great technological development that allows greater precision surgical interventions greater precision surgical interventions using robotic instruments and an endoscopic video camera.

More than


surgeries since 2017

da Vinci
Surgical Robot

The da Vinci surgical robot is located at the Observatorio Campus. Its use is strictly monitored by the Robotic Surgery Committee, which oversees the proper training of the personnel involved in its use, the indications for use in certain procedures, its execution and the results obtained by the various surgeons.

Advantages of the da Vinci System for Better Procedures

Your next surgery in expert and certified hands

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