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We offer primary care solutions that bring you closer to the quality and medical prestige of ABC


Services and schedules designed for your schedule.


A unique, personalized experience.


First class facilities: our facilities are user-friendly, comfortable and high-tech.


Certainty and safety in diagnoses and medical consultations.

Our services

Medical Consultations and Minor Emergencies

Check up

Clinical Laboratory, X-rays and Ultrasounds

Breast Diagnosis

Physical Therapy


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Esmeralda Area

C.C. Espacio Esmeralda. L-70
Av. Jorge Jiménez Cantú M.1, L.1, Zona Esmeralda 52930, Atizapán, Estado de México.

Tel. (55) 5230 3831 / 32 / 33
Whatsapp: (55) 4357 3556