Pulmonary Physiology and Inhalation Therapy

Medical care specialized in the most frequent respiratory problems.

Respiratory therapists work for the Department, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have 52 mechanical respirators with the most advanced system of ventilatory mechanical assistance, equipment with the newest technology in pulmonary function tests, metabolic monitoring and video-bronchoscopy.

Pulmonary Physiology Laboratory

We offer the following studies:
– Pre-bronchodilator spirometry
– Post-bronchodilator spirometry
– Complete lung volumes
– Alveolar-capillary diffusion capacity of CO
– Resting calorimetry
– Exercise cardiopulmonary tests
– Video-bronchoscopy studies
– Bronchial sampling
– Biopsies
– Removal of foreign bodies

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