First-line test recommended for the detection of thyrotropin receptor antibodies.
The following situations:
-Differential diagnosis of thyrotoxicosis etiology in patients with ambiguous and/or contraindicated clinical findings (eg, pregnant or lactating) or nondiagnostic thyroid radioisotope scans.
-Diagnosis of clinically suspected Graves’ disease (GD) (eg, extrathyroidal manifestations of GD include endocrine exophthalmos, pretibial myxedema, thyroid clubbing) in patients with normal thyroid function tests.
-Determining the risk of neonatal thyrotoxicosis in a fetus of a pregnant woman with active or past active GD.
-Differential diagnosis of gestational thyrotoxicosis versus first-trimester manifestation or recurrence of Graves’ disease.
-Evaluation of the risk of GD relapse after treatment with antithyroid drugs.

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