Foundation and social impact

We help improve access to healthcare in an inclusive manner.

We are committed to child care from a dual perspective: prevention, growth and development-oriented; and curative, relating to highly specialized services. Both aspects are essential when it comes to ensuring that new generations of Mexicans develop fully and reach their full potential.

ABC Foundation

Since the origin of the ABC Medical Center, philanthropy has played a decisive role in the growth of the institution through fundraising campaigns, such as:

• 1983-1991 “Hoy y Mañana” – Expansion of ABC Medical Center, Campus Observatorio
• 2005 -2011 “Imagina” – Cancer Center
• 2008 “Let’s Leave Footprint” – Connection bridge between Central Tower and Cancer Center
• 2013 “ABC School of Medicine” – Santa Fe Campus
• 2015 – 2018 “BELIEVE “- Critical Care Tower Annie Cass, Observatory Campus.

In all of them it has been shown that together we can promote our vocation to improve health in Mexico.

Currently, ABC Philanthropy is focused on joining efforts for Social Impact programs, with which seeks to generate a social return in solidarity and inclusive to the Mexican population less benefited.

Thanks to medical altruism and the contributions of altruistic people and institutions is possible the realization of these programs.

At ABC Medical Center we are all philanthropy.

Social Value

Our work is aimed at creating social value for Mexico and is based on three fundamental areas:

Effectiveness in results

Long-term sustainability

Transparency with accountability


Cleft lip and palate

Help us change a child's life so we can take care of them in every way, accompanying them throughout the process up until their rehabilitation.


Maternal and child health

Help us ensure that children from economically vulnerable families grow up healthy and develop to their fullest potential.


Children with cancer

Your generosity will enable us to attend more children nationwide with the highest standards in comprehensive cancer care.


Congenital heart defects

Support us in addressing one of the most common causes of death among children in our country. Our institution is the one with the most experience and success in treating this condition.



We promote healthy communities through to the teaching, research, health prevention and medical technology.


Shared goals

Transform lives to provide a new chance for to patients in a bad economic situation, awaiting highly specialized surgery.

We invest in teaching and research aimed at furthering medical and clinical knowledge.

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