Inclusive Patient Care

Inclusive Patient Care

We are committed to creating social impact, improving the health of the surrounding community, through first-level clinics and preventive programs (ABC BRIMEX Clinic on the Observatorio campus and ABC AMISTAD Clinic at the Santa Fe campus) and access to high specialty health services.

Community Programs

The first 1000 + 1000 days of the ABC Medical Center

Worldwide, an estimated 43% of children from poor communities are at risk of inadequate development because of extreme poverty and social inequity.

Our experience has confirmed this (in a pilot study conducted in our community clinics, 15.7% of children are likely to have delayed development and 29% are likely to have stunted development).

For this reason, at ABC Medical Center we implemented a model for the economically vulnerable population of the surrounding neighborhoods, focusing on children under the age of five and pregnant women.

This program, called The First 1000 + 1000 Days,” is focused on preventing biological risks and addressing the social determinants of health in order to have a generation of healthy children ready to learn, maximizing their potential.

Chronic Illnesses

In addition, we provide care to those who are chronically ill living in this same geographical area, creating a long-term community bond, which today has been ongoing for more than 30 years.

We are also committed to improving some of the living conditions of our neighbors with more than 3,000 patients affiliated, with which we aspire, through community programs, to improve the social fabric and long-term health outcomes of that community.

Dental Care

We also provide dental care to all age groups, preventing, as shown, systemic diseases in the future.

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