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Center for Simulation-Based Medical Education

Simulation is a training method for acquiring skills and abilities by creating a controlled and safe environment, which in this case is in the field of medicine. The greatest strength of this educational method is in applying treatments and failing, because there are no consequences for the patients, preventing and correcting mistakes without any risk, enabling the learners to perfect the procedures, which will lead to better patient care. At the Center for Simulation-Based Medical Education, students can practice simulated clinical cases in several specializations, particularly intensive care, cardiology, gynecology-obstetrics, anesthesia and trauma through two fundamental areas:


This area consists of three rooms equipped with high fidelity robots that can be programmed for different clinical scenarios, controlled from a command center with three Gesell cameras, with a video recording and sound system, with simultaneous translation to the recap and reinforcement room, to develop interactive processes related to students’ actions and performance.

Virtual Surgery and Endoscopy

The equipment has haptic technology, meaning that it provides a sense of touch, resistance and motion.

The area includes:

The Center was created to offer state-of-the art training with high technology equipment for the medical community of the institution and the country. The training is available to undergraduate interns, residents in every specialty and medical specialists that wish to continue practicing and perfecting their skills.

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