Daisy Awards

For Extraordinary Nursing Professionals

The Vice President of Nursing, in coordination with the Lady Volunteer Group, has made the Daisy Award part of its recognition scheme, an internationally valid program that rewards and celebrates warmth, clinical skills and exceptional patient care.

Participate by voting for this award

Therefore, we invite you to participate by voting for this award, in which nursing professionals will be publicly recognized in their workplace with a ceremony in which they will be given a certificate, a Daisy pin and a stone sculpture titled “A healers touch”.

If you have any questions or concerns about this award, please contact the Nursing Department at extension 8011.

Criteria for the Daisy Award:

Daisy awards:

– Work with physicians and the healthcare team.
– Demonstrate technical skills.
– Provide safe care.
– Be trustworthy.
– Be a patient advocate.
– Show empathy in all situations.
– Show a commitment to serve with tactful care.
– Communicate clearly and effectively.
– Maintain discretion with patient information.
– Patiently listen to patient needs.
– Include patient/family in the planning of their care.
– Provide care that impacts patient improvement.
– Show responsibility for meeting patient/family goals.
– Performs effective patient education and family.
– Have made a difference in patient care.

Nominate for a Daisy Award

Awards will be given twice a year, so it is possible to vote year-round.

Our winners

Learn more about all of our Daisy Award winners this year.

Origin of the Daisy Award

At the age of 33 Patrick Barnes died of an auto-immune disease, the exceptional care Pat received from the nurses inspired his family to create the DAISY Foundation in his memory, with the aim of recognizing those extraordinary nursing professionals who make a difference in the lives of many people through their daily work.

Hence the name DAISY, Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The DAISY award is made possible by the Ladies Volunteer group of this institution.

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