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ABC Pediatrics: cares for your baby

26 April 2018

If you like to keep track of your baby’s growth, our ABC Pediatrics app will help you in your daily life.

This app offers you multiple benefits to take care of your baby, among which is the possibility of keeping track of their growth data, from adding a profile picture, name, date of birth, and weight. You can also keep a record of the medications you must give and vaccinations dates.

It has a medical directory with names, specialties, and telephone numbers of our specialists at the different ABC Medical Center campuses to which you have easy access.

ABC Pediatrics, the app for your baby’s care

If you need to go to any of the ABC Medical Center Campuses, you will also find a section with addresses, telephone numbers, and emails so you can visit us or get in touch to schedule appointments with specialists.

In another section, you will find useful and up-to-date notes on caring for your baby in different areas, such as temperature measurement, medical consultations, car safety, information on breastfeeding, and tips for handling emergencies.

Thanks to this simple tool, you can have control with data that is easily recorded day by day, which allows you to observe your baby’s evolution and have all the important information you need for its care at hand.

Take care of your baby with this app and download it for free by clicking here for Android.

At ABC Medical Center’s Obstetrics Center, we can provide you with specialized care. Contact us!

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