Discharge process

The discharge is formalized when your Treating Physician so indicates on your Medical Record, this will start the administrative discharge, where the last charges are made and your account is prepared.

  • Notify your Insurance Company that you have been discharged, this will help speed up the process.
  • An ABC Medical Center Account Executive will prepare your final bill and send it to your Insurance Company for review.
  • During this process you can wait in your room until an ABC Account Executive contacts you to notify that you can go to the ABC Cashier to review your account.
  • At the Cashier, you will be informed of the expenses covered and not covered by your Insurance Company, as well as the corresponding deductible and coinsurance.

We remind you that the room expires at 11 am, after this time an additional room charge will be made.

In support of your discharge process, we have the Insurance Coordination department: at Observatorio Campus ext. 8138 Santa Fe Campus exts.1247,1262

Exit Procedure

We recommend that 24 hours before settling your account, you verify the existence of the Authorization Letter or Scheduled Surgery Letter with the amounts to be paid and duly authorized, with the corresponding admission staff and the doctors’ cashier.

ABC Medical Center Cashier

The Account Management department sends your Insurance Company the charges generated throughout your stay for authorization. Your Insurance Company will send a letter with the expenses covered and not covered according to the conditions of your policy. ABC Cashier will notify you that your account is ready. Once your account is settled, they will provide you with your Exit Pass.

Cashiers Directory:
Campus Observatorio:
55 5230 8000
Campus Santa Fe:
55 1103 1600
Hospitalization Jordan-Black8728 / 8729
Emergency Room81421661
Outpatient Surgery85311733
Ob-Gyn and Pediatrics1231 / 1233
Central Tower85311529 / 1630
Neurology and Orthopedics1797 / 1897
Doctors’ Cashier

With your ABC Hospitalization Exit Pass, you must go to the Doctors’ Cashier to pay the medical fees (if applicable) where they will stamp the Exit Pass.

Location of the Doctors’ Cashier:
Observatorio Campus

Jordan-Black Tower, ground floor, 55 5230 8000 ext. 8950
Central Tower, ground floor, 55 5230 8000 ext. 8158 / 8159

Santa Fe Campus

Central Tower, ground floor, next to the HSBC bank branch (Insurance Company area) 55 1103 1600 ext. 1770
Neurology Center, second floor..

Medical fees

It is important to mention that bills for hospitalization or other services do not include medical fees, which must be settled in the Doctors’ Cashier.

If you have a Major Medical Insurance Policy from an Insurance Company in agreement with ABC and your doctor does not belong to the insurance network, it is important to consider that the company will pay you according to the medical fees of the contracted plan and the deductible and coinsurance agreed in your policy will be applied. The doctor may charge differences in fees, payment of these fees may sometimes be through reimbursement.

You can confirm your Insurance Company’s conditions at the Doctors’ Cashier or by calling the extensions:

Observatorio Campus: 55 5230 8000 ext. 8852, 8853 y 8854
Santa Fe Campus: 55 1103 1600 ext. 1170

Forms of payment

Upon being discharged by your Treating Physician, you can pay with:

  • Cash.
  • Credit cards.
  • Debit cards.
  • American Express.
  • Check.
  • Wire transfer.


We offer you the Medicasa service if you require any type of hospital and special transport equipment, such as:

  • Ambulance service: land and air.
  • Biomedical equipment, rent, and sale.
  • Laboratories, sampling.
  • Digital X-ray.
  • Electrocardiogram.

We also help to coordinate, comprehensively and according to each of our patients, the support services to continue with their medical treatment.

For your safety, we ask that you contract the services directly in the Medicasa area, which is located on the ground floor of the Central Tower of both Campuses.

It is important to mention that we do not have home nursing services nor do we recommend private nurses or nursing agencies with home services.

Observatorio Campus: 55 5230 8000 ext. 8200

Santa Fe Campus: 55 1103 1600 ext. 1700


For you to timely acquire the medicines that have been prescribed by your Treating Physician, we put at your disposal the Public Pharmacy, with service 24 hours a day.

Observatorio Campus

located on the Ground Floor, in the corridor connecting the Central Tower to the Mackenzie Tower.

Santa Fe Campus

located on the Ground Floor of the Central Tower (next to the Gift Shop).

Forgotten objects

If you forgot any object during your hospital stay, we ask you to contact Security Control so that they can inform you about the objects stored. Customer Service staff will guide you.

Observatorio Campus: 55 5230 8000 ext. 8940
Santa Fe Campus: 55 1103 1600 ext. 1174

For hygiene reasons, forgotten personal hygiene items are discarded and cannot be recovered.

ABC Medical Center is NOT responsible for the loss of valuables or personal effects.