Diagnoses and treatments in support of various system pathologies highly strung

We are prepared to provide you with the most advanced neurophysiological studies to diagnose the various pathologies that affect your nervous system.

These represent a quantitative, reproducible, and generally non-invasive measure that enriches the neurological examination, providing a platform for interaction and support in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologically affected patients.

Neurophysiology Clinic

Our clinic is organized in five areas:

Electroencephalography and digital brain mapping

Evoked potentials, nerve conduction and electromyography


Intraoperative monitoring

Audiology and neuro-otology

List of neurophysiological studies performed:

  • Electroencephalogram

  • Electromyography

  • Evoked potentials

  • Outpatient polysomnography

  • Hospital polysomnography

  • Otoneurologic studies

  • Otoacoustic emissions

  • Intraoperative monitoring

  • Magnetic stimulation

Neurophysiology Clinic

Our Locations

At ABC Medical Center, we are prepared to serve you in out two Campuses 24/24h, 7 days a week.

Campus Observatorio

Sur 136 No. 116, Col. Las Américas,
Álvaro Obregón, 01120, Cd. de México.

Tel. 55 5230 8000

Campus Santa Fe

Av. Carlos Graef Fernández 154, Col. Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, 05300, Cd. de México.

Tel. 55 1103 1600