Check Ups


Check ups to prevent
and take care of your health

We provide a wide range of packages focused on the specific needs of each patient according to their age, gender, family, and personal history.
If necessary, each package is supplemented with optional studies based on the health conditions of each person and medical recommendations.


2 to 10 years


18 years and older


18 years and older


18 to 39 years


40 to 59 years


44 years and older


60 years and older

Information for

Find detailed information on the conditions to attend your check up, procedure, and payment methods.

Download the app,

Download the app, with the preventive medicine app your health is in good hands

Find detailed information on the conditions to attend your checkups, procedure and payment methods

Our Locations

At ABC Medical Center, we are prepared to serve you in out two Campuses 24/24h, 7 days a week.

Campus Observatorio

Sur 136 No. 116, Col. Las Américas,
Álvaro Obregón, 01120, Cd. de México.

Tel. 55 5230 8000

Campus Santa Fe

Av. Carlos Graef Fernández 154, Col. Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, 05300, Cd. de México.

Tel. 55 1103 1600