Climacteric Package

Climacteric Package

Climacteric Package
44 years and older

Check-up specially designed by ABC gynecologists, includes tests and evaluations that will help the doctor determine the best treatment to address the symptoms associated with menopause and help patients to live this stage more fully and continue with their social and professional life. Includes consultation with a gynecologist specialist in climacteric and laboratory and office tests.

From $9,900 to $15,700 MXN


  1. Medical Assessment
    • Examination by a gynecologist (medical history and physical exam).
    • Interpretation and diagnosis.
  2. Laboratory tests
    • Gynecological female hormone blood test.
    • CA 125.*
    • CA 19-9.*
    • Breast and ovarian tumor markers.
  3. X-Ray and Molecular Imaging
    • Transvaginal ultrasound.
  4. Pathology
    • Pap smear test.

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