Use of Cookies

Use of Cookies

CM ABC will inform the users of the Platforms when the use of cookies occurs (cookies are understood to be a data package that a web browser automatically stores on a user’s computer when the user visits a web page. Cookies make it possible to recognize the user’s device and remember their preferences through their history of visits to the website) through a “banner” that will appear at the bottom of the website. It will be understood that by continuing to use the CM ABC site, you authorize CM ABC to use such cookies. However, you can modify the cookie settings at any time.

Users can accept or reject the use of cookies on the CM ABC site, however, in the event that users reject the use of cookies, they will not be able to benefit from all the functionalities and benefits of the CM ABC website that cookies allow.

The user may reject the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings from their browser. However, in such a case, you will not be able to take advantage of all the functions of the website.

For the cancellation to have permanent effect, your browser must accept cookies.

Similarly, this Platforms may use plugins. Accepting such plugins will allow the user to use the corresponding button to access the different services offered by the CM ABC Platforms, published on different social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).

If the user has logged in to any CM ABC social media, the social media may directly assign the visit to our website to their social media profile. If you interact with the plugins, for example by clicking the “like” button or by making a comment, this information will also be transmitted directly to a server of the social media and stored on the servers of these networks. The information will also be published on your media profile and will be shown to your friends on said social media.

If you do not want a social media to assign the data collected through our website directly to your profile of said social media, you must log out of such social media before visiting our website CM ABC. You can also block certain social media from loading plugins using add-ons for your browser.