Teen package

Teen Package

Teen Package
11 to 17 years

Special for girls and boys who are in adolescence in order to detect certain conditions or growth and development disorders in a timely manner before beginning their adult life and have a general evaluation, in addition to the care of their family doctor.

From: $6,500 MXN


  1. Medical Assessment
    • Examination by pediatrician (medical history and physical exam).
    • Eye exam.
    • Dental exam.
    • Nutritional assessment
    • Interpretation and diagnosis.
  2. Laboratory tests
    • Fractionated bilirubin:
      • Indirect bilirubin.
      • Direct bilirubin
      • Total bilirubin
    • Complete blood count (CBC).
    • Creatinine.
    • Lactate dehydrogenase.
    • Alkaline phosphatase.
    • Blood glucose.
    • RH and blood group.
    • Atherogenic indices (LDL, HDL, triglycerides and colesterol).
    • Apolipoprotein B.
    • Blood urea nitrogen (BUN).
    • Total protein test:
      • A/G ratio.
      • Globulin.
      • Albumin.
    • Glutamate pyruvate transaminase
    • Urianalysis (clinical urine test)
    • Coproparasitoscopic study (single stool sample).
  3. X-Ray and Molecular Imaging
    • AP chest x-ray.
  4. Pulmonary physiology
    • Simple spirometry
      (test temporarily removed from this check up due to medical recommendation).
  5. Cardiovascular Examination
    • Resting Electrocardiogram.

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