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COVID-19 risk groups

5 April 2020

  1. Cardiovascular diseases: the virus causes an overload in the heart, so, by having previous heart disease, this organ will be compromised and can cause arrhythmias, ischemia, myocarditis, among other conditions.
  2. Diabetes: when a diabetic has a viral infection, it is more difficult to treat due to changes in blood glucose levels, also, insulin alteration further compromises the immune system. Additionally, many diabetics have heart or kidney problems stemming from their condition, which makes them more vulnerable.
  3. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): patients with chronic respiratory diseases also have a higher risk of mortality since they already have a great limitation in their respiratory capacity and COVID-19 makes it more severe.
  4. Hypertension: although not all hypertensive people necessarily suffer from heart disease, since it is a disease of the arteries, those who suffer from it and whose heart has not been affected, are at risk of serious complications due to the type of medications they take.
  5. Cancer: people with this disease have a very weakened immune system, which is worse if they are receiving chemotherapy, making it more difficult for their body to react to the presence of COVID-19. Also, depending on the type of cancer and the damaged organs, the virus can affect them to a greater extent.

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