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Myths and realities

5 April 2020


Here are the most common myths about COVID-19:

  • Does the weather in Mexico help? The fact that the hot season is about to start in Mexico is favorable, but it does not mean that it will stop the transmission of the virus. Quite simply, hot, dry weather reduces the time the virus stays in the air.
  • Does the influenza vaccine protect me against COVID-19? No. The influenza vaccine is the best defense against the flu, but a COVID-19 vaccine has not yet been developed. However, there are additional steps you can take to protect yourself. These steps include the following:
    • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water.
    • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose.
    • Avoid crowds.

Practice good health habits. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids, eat a nutritious diet, and manage stress. COVID-19 is so recent that it needs its own vaccine, although it is recommended to get the flu vaccine to protect yourself from it.

  • Does eating garlic help prevent infection? No. Garlic is a food with high nutrient potential, but there is no evidence that it protects people from COVID-19.
  • Are antibiotics effective to treat COVID-19? No. Antibiotics only attack bacterial infections, not viral ones.
  • Is there any type of medicine that can serve as a treatment or prevention for COVID-19? No. There is still no proof that any medicine can prevent or cure the disease, although clinical trials are being carried out to find them as soon as possible.
  • Does frequently inhaling saline water through the nose prevent COVID-19 infection? So far there is no evidence in this regard, nor that it has an effect to attack or prevent other types of respiratory infections.
  • Can dogs and cats transmit it? No. So far there is no evidence that pets can be infected with the new coronavirus, although always try to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with pets.
  • Can I get infected by receiving a package from China or other infected countries? No. The virus does not survive a long time in objects like letters or packages.
  • Does COVID-19 only affect older people? No. COVID-19 can infect people of all ages, however, older adults and people with chronic illnesses may be more susceptible to serious illness.
  • Will a “rapid test” tell me if I have COVID-19? No. The new coronavirus is only confirmed through a laboratory test called PCR, which is carried out only by public and private institutions validated by health authorities.
  • How effective are scanners in detecting people infected with COVID-19? The scanners detect people who have a higher than normal temperature, one of the coronavirus symptoms, but not infected people.

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