Patient Rights and Obligations

Patient Rights and Obligations.

Patient Rights

The ABC Medical Center has adopted the patients’ charter of rights and undertakes to respect each of its points:

1. Receive adequate medical care.
2. Be treated with dignity and respect.
3. Receive sufficient, clear, timely and truthful information.
4. Freely decide on your care.
5. To give or not to give valid informed consent.
6. Be treated with confidentiality.
7. Be able to get a second opinion.
8. Receive medical care in case of emergency.
9. Have a medical record.
10. Receive customer service when dissatisfied with the medical care received.

Patient Responsibilities

It is important for our patients to know the following guidelines in order to ensure optimal care.

Companion Responsibilities and Commitments

Visitor Involvement

Visitors to the ABC Medical Center should consider and follow the following guidelines to ensure that health care is provided under optimal conditions.

We would also like to ask you to take part in the ongoing campaign to respect parking spaces reserved for the disabled, as they are meant for:

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