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What is Epilepsy?

21:54 - 4 May , 2021


It is a neurological condition of the central nervous system where the brain’s functions and activities become abnormal and convulsive episodes that can lead to unconsciousness begin to occur.

In most epileptics it is not possible to identify the origin of the problem, but in those that can, causes such as genetic predisposition, brain tumors, infections, strokes, severe blows, and prenatal damage stand out. 

There is no specific profile for the development of epilepsy, since it can attack all kinds of people regardless of gender, age, or race. 

Likewise, the severity of the seizures varies depending on the patient, so in some cases there is no great motor loss, while in others, the uncontrolled involuntary movement is huge and shocking for those who watch it.

The seizures are classified as:

  • Focal: when only one area of the brain shows abnormal activities and may cause fainting.
  • Generalized: they appear in all areas of the brain at the same time. 

Signs and symptoms Epilepsy

Symptoms vary according to the type of seizure, but the most frequent are: 

  • Loss of space-time sense or consciousness.
  • Mental gaps.
  • Generalized spasms throughout the body, mainly in the limbs.
  • Paranoia, stress, and anxiety. 

Diagnosis and treatment Epilepsy

The diagnosis is established from the analysis of the symptoms and clinical history, together with the various studies to confirm the diagnosis and identify the cause of epilepsy. 

First, your doctor will perform a neuropsychological examination in order to assess your mental, motor, and behavioral functions; a blood test to rule out infections or genetic disorders; and a series of imaging studies such as electroencephalogram, MRI, and computed tomography.

In general, the initial treatment is pharmacological and seeks to control the seizures, but if anticonvulsant medications do not work, surgery will be necessary to remove the affected part of the brain that generates the seizures. 

At the Neurological Center, a select group of highly professional and certified doctors in the various neurological specialties are ready to assist you with the quality and warmth that characterizes us.

Our mission is to provide you with comprehensive and multidisciplinary care programs for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of nervous system diseases, always focusing our activities on your safety.

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