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What is Natural delivery?

15:53 - 13 May , 2021


It refers to the control that the mother has over her body to give birth without the support of technology or medications in order for nature to take its course. You are usually supported by an assistant or doula during the stages of labor.

You will be candidate for natural delivery as long as:

  • You have been in the first stage of labor for no more than 24 hours and you have 10 centimeters of dilation in the cervix. 
  • Have frequent and intense contractions.
  • The fetus is stable and in the expulsion position (head down).


  • Speedy recovery.
  • Strengthens the affectional bond between mother and baby because contact is immediate.
  • Lower risk of endometritis, bleeding, and intestinal blockages.
  • It favors the release of oxytocin, stimulating the production of breast milk.
  • The baby receives better oxygenation.

Potential risks:

Natural delivery is usually very safe, but there can be complications if you do not follow the recommendations on your health care, or when complications arise due to different circumstances and you refuse to receive medical help, putting your life and your baby’s life at risk.

Consider that labor is longer than a c-section and cannot be scheduled. It can also cause more pain than you imagined, so the recommendation is that you seek help and medications if the pain becomes intolerable.

Our LDR (Labor, Delivery, and Recovery) rooms have the necessary equipment to receive the new family member naturally and safely, keeping your baby with you to preserve and strengthen the mother-child bond.

At ABC Medical Center we have a team of experts in the various branches of gynecology ready to serve you with world-class quality and safety standards, as well as the humane treatment and warmth that characterizes us. Come to us and you will receive the best care available in Mexico and Latin America.

We are pioneers in gynecologic laparoscopy, which allows us to offer you the best treatment options, with shorter hospitalization times, as well as a faster and less painful recovery, taking care of the aesthetic aspect with smaller scars than open surgeries. We offer you robot-assisted gynecologic surgeries, being an even less invasive and more precise procedure that provides benefits such as:

20% of the total robot surgeries of ABC Medical Center correspond to this specialty, which places us as a cutting-edge institution with vast experience and leadership in the field for the benefit of our patients.


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