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Vaginal infections

17:01 - 27 April , 2021


What is Vaginal infections?

They are diseases that attack the female reproductive system, that is, the vagina, affecting women of all ages, whether they are sexually active or not.


Some women may not have symptoms, but the most common are: 

  • Different vaginal discharge from normal.
  • Burning when urinating.
  • Vaginal irritation, burning, and odor.
  • Pain or irritation when urinating or having sex.
  • Irregular bleeding.

Types of vaginal infections:

There are four common types of infections that can affect women at any age and stage of their reproductive cycle:

  • Vaginal yeast infection.
  • Bacterial vaginosis.
  • Chlamydia
  • Trichomoniasis.


To avoid a vaginal infection, it is important that you know your body and take care of it according to your needs. But we recommend:

  • Deep clean your vagina and dry it well. 
  • Avoid douching and using chemical soaps.
  • Do not wear tight clothing.
  • Underwear should be cotton, avoid synthetic fibers. 
  • Have safe and protected sex.

Diagnosis and treatment

Treatment depends on the cause of the infection. You will be asked for the relevant studies to define and eliminate the cause of vaginal infection through antibiotics or antifungals, either orally or vaginally. 

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