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Pediatric emergency area

22:00 - 4 May , 2021

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What is Pediatric emergency area?

Composed of a team of pediatricians, traumatologists, surgeons, neonatologists, and other health professionals, with the care of specialized nursing staff, the Pediatric Emergency Area provides care to children up to 16 years old. 

A medical emergency is a sudden and serious event that puts the patient’s life at risk and that needs to be attended to immediately. 

The emergency specialty originated in the sixties in first world countries, focusing on the care of patients with cardiovascular problems and serious trauma. Currently, it is the most common means of access for hospitalization services and care is provided to patients with a wide range of ailments, considering that they should always require immediate care.

Pediatric emergency physicians must have optimal training in this specialty, extensively demonstrating their knowledge, experience, and ability to assess and stabilize the patient, supported by a highly specialized nursing team and health professionals.

The medical and nursing staff must have the psychological strength to calmly face the critical and high-demand situations that arise daily, the most important characteristic being the ability to prioritize cases and rank care priorities in the same patient. For which it is essential to use the care protocols and clinical guidelines available to best serve the difficult situations that arise in the pediatric emergency area. Let us remember that pediatric patients are a highly vulnerable group in terms of morbidity and mortality, which is why it is necessary to have a high-quality and efficient pediatric emergency service.

In our Pediatric Center, a team of highly trained specialists awaits you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring optimal care and results by providing care based on clinical practice guidelines and international protocols.

We have two pediatric intensive care units attended by experts in the management of critically ill pediatric patients and equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer the best treatment options.

Our subspecialists in pediatric emergencies are always ready to provide specialized care when you need it most.

Trust your children’s health to our experts.

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