Cowdray Award

31 March 2022

In 2007 the Board of Trustees decided to give an annual award called the “Cowdray Award” to recognize the people who have contributed with their voluntary dedication, performing tasks that honor and enhance ABC Medical Center’s culture.

To be awarded this prestigious award, candidates must, among other requirements, have dedicated at least 10 years of activities to the ABC Medical Center; either, through their voluntary or paid work dedicated to the institution.

For a person to be a candidate for this award, more than 10 years working in Board of Trustees committees, recurring major donors, doctors, volunteer ladies, or people affiliated with volunteer programs whose impact on the Institution is distinctive and outstanding will be considered. Likewise, their values, integrity, dedication to the Institution, and proactivity for the benefit of the ABC Medical Center will be considered.

For this purpose, the Nominations Committee, made up of the president of the Board of Trustees, the general director, and at least two people related to the award candidates, will consider factors such as integrity, dedication to the Institution’s programs, activity for the benefit of the community, etc.


The award consists of a recognition diploma and a scale replica of the “flight” sculpture, which is currently found in the fountain at the main entrance of ABC Medical Center Santa Fe.

The appointment will be notified in writing; later, the award will be made during the General Meeting of the current year.

The winner will receive a recognition diploma and a 30 cm scale replica of the sculpture “flight”, located at the Santa Fe Campus and made by the same artist Naomi Siegmann; the material from which it is made is aluminum on black marble.

Cowdray Award Winners:

2007 – Mrs. Vicky Silvan (volunteer lady)
2008 – Mr. Mario Fastag (donor, patient, and founder of Círculo de Ganadores) (RIP)
2009 – Mrs. Sheila Carral (volunteer lady ) (RIP)
2010 – Mr. Purdy Jordan (philanthropist, former member of the Board of Trustees, Board Member of Fundación ABC)
2011 – Mrs. Edna Baitenmann (volunteer lady) (RIP)
2012 – American Benevolent Society.
2013 – Dr. Jaime Catalán (ABC doctor, volunteer at Brimex)
2014 – Ms. Cristina Tornel (volunteer lady)
2015 – ABC Community in response to the tragedy of the Cuajimalpa Maternity Hospital
2016 – Messrs. June and Curtis Lowell (philanthropists and major donors)
2017 – Messrs. Julie and Klaus Boker (philanthropists, volunteer lady, and former member of the Board of Trustees)
2018 – Mrs. Renate Levy (volunteer lady, donor, and former member of the Board of Trustees)
2019 – Kardias
2020 – COVID-19 attention areas, both campuses

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