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Reduce the intensity of stress with small changes

2 May 2023

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Key points:

  • Tension, also known as stress, is one of the main problems in mental health.

  • If not treated correctly, stress can cause anxiety, anguish, or sadness, and other changes in the body.

  • People must learn to deal with their emotions so they can use them to their advantage.

Currently, it is normal for many people to have some kind of mental health issue, without knowing it. Dr. Pablo Cuevas Corona, a psychiatrist at ABC Medical Center, says that mental health is considered to be the balance achieved by a person to overcome their tasks while solving daily life problems.

One of the main problems that can result from mental health disorders is tension, commonly known as stress.

Stress can produce various emotions and sensations that, sometimes, cannot be overcome. This can happen due to work or personal demands, in which the person becomes paralyzed and cannot solve the situation.

Stress can be defined as a set of physiological reactions that occur when a person suffers from nervous tension arising from various situations in the work or personal environment: excessive work, anxiety, traumatic situations, etc.1

People who suffer from stress and do not attend to it properly can turn it into anxiety, anguish, or sadness, which will prevent them from performing daily tasks.

Dr. Cuevas recommends the following to maintain good mental health:

  • Daily exercise. You do not need to invest money or go to the gym, just by walking half an hour a day you will start to see its benefits.
  • Good nutrition. Avoid eating foods that will not contribute anything to your body.
  • Sleep. Seek to sleep long enough to allow you to really rest.
  • Socialize. See your family and friends.
  • Self-reflection. Try to reflect on your behavior and attitudes, seeking to improve them in the short, medium, and long term.

Another very important element is to eliminate the myth that our emotions make us weak and it is wrong to feel them. The reality is that emotions are always with us and learning to deal with them will work in our favor and not against us.

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Dr. Pablo Cuevas Corona – psychiatrist at ABC Medical Center
1 https://www.sanitas.es/sanitas/seguros/es/particulares/biblioteca-de-salud/psicologia-psiquiatria/estres-ansiedad/que-es-el-estres

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