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Renewed agreement to strengthen clinical quality and patient safety between the Houston Methodist Hospital in the United States and ABC Medical Center in Mexico

16 February 2023

Mexico City, (TBD, 2023) – In a world that faces constant healthcare challenges, long-term alliances are essential to improve the safety and quality of patient care, the training of healthcare personnel, as well as medical research and innovation. This has been the story of the collaboration between ABC Medical Center in Mexico City and the Houston Methodist Hospital for more than 17 years.

Both top-tier medical institutions recently announced a new agreement for seven more years. This alliance began in 2006 and since then Houston Methodist Hospital and ABC Medical Center have exchanged best practices in clinical and administrative areas including the development of key service lines such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and trauma as well as the establishment of internationally recognized quality and safety standards for the patient. The agreement’s renewal will allow continued efforts to improve clinical and operational efficiencies while maintaining a focused approach to developing human capabilities, including continuing medical education and training programs, in both Mexico City and Houston.

In addition, the two organizations recognize the importance of excellence in skilled nursing and will continue the strategic focus for ABC to achieve the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program’s distinction. ABC Medical Center would become the first hospital in Mexico to obtain it. The Magnet appointment recognizes superior quality in nursing care evidenced by globally recognized performance results.

“The alliance between ABC Medical Center and Houston Methodist Hospital has helped reinforce the culture of quality and continuous improvement. As a result, we have obtained certification from the Joint Commission International for more consecutive years than any other hospital in Mexico and we always emphasize quality”, explained José María Zubiría Maqueo, General Director of ABC Medical Center. “For example, this close collaboration has made the ABC Cancer Center one of the most advanced in Latin America. We have a mutual commitment to continue our extraordinary cooperation in pursuit of innovative processes, medical procedures, technology, quality control, and medical and nursing education for the benefit of our patients. The alliance with Houston Methodist Hospital provides us with support and guidance in our commitment to achieve excellence in healthcare.”

ABC Medical Center sees about 150,000 patients a year. Its Observatorio and Santa Fe campuses have obtained accreditations from the Joint Commission International (JCI), which recognizes international organizations focused on quality, and the General Health Council (GHC), which places them within an elite group of institutions committed to patient safety and quality of service. In addition, both Campuses have been named among the best hospitals in Mexico by various rankings.

Houston Methodist Hospital is located in the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical center in the world and has been recognized for 11 consecutive years by the US News & World Report as the number 1 hospital in Texas and among the best hospitals in the United States. Houston Methodist Global Health Services is a subsidiary of the Houston Methodist Hospital that cares for thousands of patients each year from more than 80 countries, including Mexico. In addition to caring for international patients, Houston Methodist Hospital Global Health Services provides advisory, training, and development services to healthcare professionals and institutions around the world.

Houston Methodist Hospital is a global leader in health care that offers unparalleled care to our patients. Our goal is to partner with leading international organizations that share our same philosophy. We are proud of our 17-year partnership with ABC Medical Center and for being able to contribute to the enhancement of their exceptional healthcare. Both Houston Methodist Hospital and ABC share a commitment to putting the patient at the center of everything we do and remain committed to working with ABC’s new leadership to continue improving the technology, nursing, and patient experience” said Cathy Easter, president & CEO of the Houston Methodist Hospital Global Health Services.

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