What is Cancer?

13:26 - 9 April , 2021


It is characterized by abnormal cell growth that spreads disorderly to any area of the body, generating tumors that affect healthy cells and destroy surrounding tissues.

Blood cancers do not normally produce tumors, and, in addition, not all tumors are cancerous, but some grow slowly and do not spread, which is why they are considered benign.

Types of cancer

Depending on the tissue or organ where they appeared, they are known as:

  • Carcinomas: they originate in organs.
  • Sarcomas: they originate in muscle, cartilage, bone, or adipose tissue.
  • Leukemias: they originate in the bone marrow.
  • Lymphomas: generated in lymphatic organs and nodes.

How does it evolve?

Cancer cells spread to nearby tissues and organs, this is known as local invasion. Also, when they enter the circulatory and lymphatic systems, these cells reach other organs causing metastases, which constitute a new cancer in a place other than the original, which is called primary cancer.

Signs and symptoms Cancer

Tumors are often painless in both primary and metastatic cancer. However, when a cancer is already advanced, it causes obvious weakness and symptoms such as malnutrition, extreme fatigue, and high fever, and can also cause blood abnormalities such as anemia, infection, and anticoagulation.

There are other symptoms such as abnormal bowel and urinary habits, unknown bleeding, problems eating food, frequent coughing, or shortness of breath. It is recommended to see your ABC doctor if you experience any of these symptoms, although they may not be signs of cancer, to make sure they are not oncological.

At ABC Medical Center, doctors from different specialties work together to treat cancer, so a highly specialized team of surgeons, oncologists, and radiologist oncologists will treat you with the warmth that sets us apart.

Diagnosis and treatment Cancer

Why choose ABC Medical Center?

Experience, state-of-the-art technology, and state-of-the-art facilities

Since its opening in 2009, our Cancer Center offers chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments at the level of the best medical centers in the world through a comprehensive care model for cancer patients.

In chemotherapy we include the most innovative therapies in comfortable facilities specially designed for your comfort and peace of mind.

In radiotherapy procedures, we provide you with evidence-based treatment plans discussed with experts from Houston Methodist Hospital, using state-of-the-art technological equipment in state-of-the-art facilities.


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