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What is Curettage?

17:06 - 27 April , 2021


It is a surgical procedure that consists of extracting part of the uterus tissue or endometrium after excessive bleeding occurs during menstruation or a sudden miscarriage. It can also be used to analyze the endometrium in the event of a possible diagnosis of uterine cancer or other conditions.

Curettage can be performed under general or local anesthesia. Before the procedure, it is necessary to perform blood tests and studies to rule out the presence of any disease that may interfere with the surgery, such as anemia. It is a quick procedure, since it does not usually last more than 15 minutes, so it is possible to return to daily activities on the same day.

After the procedure:

You may have some abdominal or back pain for 24 hours after the curettage, as well as vaginal bleeding for two weeks afterward.

In cases of irregular menstruation before surgery, it should return to normal between two and six weeks after surgery.

For your health and well-being, avoid having sex, using tampons, exercising, or taking baths for two weeks after your surgery.

Potential risks:

Like any surgery, some complications may arise due to the sensitivity of the area where the procedure is performed, such as punctures in the uterus, scarring of the uterine lining, and tearing or rupture of the cervix. Some infections can also arise mainly from the movement of microorganisms from the vagina or the presence of tissue inside the uterus.

In case of miscarriage, it can trigger depression or other psychological problems that should be treated by a specialist.

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20% of the total robot surgeries of ABC Medical Center correspond to this specialty, which places us as a cutting-edge institution with vast experience and leadership in the field for the benefit of our patients.

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