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What is Human papillomavirus (HPV)?

9:39 - 6 April , 2022


Infection by this virus is very common, a high percentage of sexually active people have it. There are more than 200 strains of HPV, which are usually the cause of warts in different parts of the body, especially in the genital area, and in some cases, it can cause different kinds of cancer, especially in the cervix.

Typically, HPV is spread through sex or through small wounds or cuts on the skin that come into contact with warts or objects that have been touched by them.

During pregnancy, if the mother has HPV, the child is likely to be infected as well and, in some cases, may develop benign lesions in the larynx.

Potential risks:

  • Promiscuity.
  • Visit places with contagion risk such as public bathrooms, swimming pools, and gyms, among others.
  • Low immune system.
  • Chapped and dry skin, which easily develops wounds and abrasions.

On many occasions, the body’s immune defenses do not allow wart growth when there is HPV, but when they do arise, it is advisable to consult your doctor to avoid future complications.

Diagnosis and treatment Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Testing for warts is the primary method of diagnosing possible HPV infection, but if the warts are not visible, your doctor will order a pap smear and a DNA test. 

Warts are often removed naturally without any treatment, but when this does not occur, warts can be removed with laser, freezing, cauterization, or surgery. 

Currently there is already a vaccine against HPV, which allows us to prevent a possible infection by this highly contagious virus.

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