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What is Metrorrhagia?

15:46 - 13 May , 2021


Any type of uterine bleeding not attributable to menstruation is called metrorrhagia, regardless of its intensity. It is a highly frequent gynecological problem in women of reproductive age, being one of the most common causes of anemia in this population segment.

Metrorrhagias are classified into two types according to their origin:

  • Organic origin: there are those related to pregnancy and those that do not. In the latter case, the most frequent causes of its appearance are the presence of polyps, fibroids, or cysts. In addition, sometimes they can be signs of a problem in the thyroid gland or serious liver or kidney complications.
  • Non-pathological origin: it is the so-called dysfunctional uterine bleeding, which is abnormal uterine bleeding without pregnancy or any disease, due to a hormonal imbalance damaging the endometrium.

Diagnosis and treatment Metrorrhagia

It is necessary to perform a physical examination and analyze the symptoms caused by the bleeding, a gynecological examination to determine where it comes from, complemented with laboratory and ultrasound tests, and if necessary, a biopsy to ensure the diagnosis. 

Treatment seeks to stop bleeding, counteract possible anemia, and normalize menstruation. Bleeding can be stopped with drugs, hormonal therapy, or surgery. If none of these treatments are successful, a hysterectomy will be necessary. 

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