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What is Placenta previa?

16:09 - 13 May , 2021


It refers to a condition during pregnancy, where the growth of the placenta remains in the lower part of the womb, partially or totally impeding the transit to the cervix. Under normal conditions, the placenta as a temporary organ that nourishes and provides oxygen to the fetus, moves towards the upper part of the uterus for the delivery to be free.

Potential causes and risks:

There are several reasons why a case of placenta previa could occur, such as, for example, being over 35 years old during pregnancy, smoking, having previously been pregnant, having a problem in the uterus or having had any surgery during pregnancy. 

Signs and symptoms Placenta previa

Generally, the most characteristic sign is a significant vaginal bleeding during the third trimester of pregnancy. 

Diagnosis and treatment Placenta previa

An ultrasound will be performed to confirm if you have a case of placenta previa and depending on the stage and the risk of bleeding, rest may be recommended, or a c-section may be suggested in case a premature delivery is necessary.

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