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What is Nursery?

21:59 - 4 May , 2021

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It is an area designed exclusively to monitor and address the needs of newborns in the first hours after birth and until the mother is discharged. 

They have strict safety, quality, and surveillance standards, since both a nurse and a security guard verify the babies’ bracelets when they leave the nursery, guarding them along the way and verifying that the mother and child’s bracelets match. The same thing happens when the newborn returns to the nursery.

The nursery is made up of incubators, thermal cribs, artificial respiration, phototherapy lamps, infusion pumps, vital signs monitors, and the necessary equipment to assist newborns at all times until the mother and baby are discharged. 

If any illness or problem is detected in the baby while it remains in observation, it will be channeled to the Pathological Nursery area, where various medical specialists and health professionals will provide the necessary treatment and care.

In our Pediatric Center, a team of highly trained specialists awaits you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring optimal care and results by providing care based on clinical practice guidelines and international protocols.

We have two pediatric intensive care units attended by experts in the management of critically ill pediatric patients and equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer the best treatment options.

Our subspecialists in pediatric emergencies are always ready to provide specialized care when you need it most.

Trust your children’s health to our experts.

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