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What is Pap smear?

16:14 - 13 May , 2021

Medical procedure



It is a gynecological exam performed to detect the presence of cervical cancer, as well as the existence of abnormal cells in the cervix that could later turn into cancer.

During the test:

Your doctor must indicate the best time to perform this test. It is usually recommended to perform the test every 2 or 3 years in women older than 20 years, although the probability of having this type of cancer increases after the age of 30 and when there is a family history of cervical cancer, so it is recommended to perform it once a year.

After the test:

Typically, the test is performed in a few minutes and without major complications. >Your doctor will remove a small sample of cells from your cervix, and the results will be ready for interpretation shortly.>

Do not worry, you can return to your daily activities that same day without major problems.

Potential risks:

There are no risks or complications associated with this test. After the test results, and only in case of suspicion, your doctor may consider a new test to confirm or rule out the diagnosis.

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