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Flexible laser ureterolithotripsy


It is a surgical procedure designed to remove large stones in the urinary tract, particularly in the ureter. It is carried out with the support of a flexible ureteroscope, that is, a probe with a tiny…

Diagnostic ureteroscopy


It refers to a procedure whose purpose is both for diagnosis and treatment of tumors and stones in the urinary tract. This procedure uses a urethoscope (a probe with a small camera) that can be flexible…

Pediatric emergency area


Composed of a team of pediatricians, traumatologists, surgeons, neonatologists, and other health professionals, with the care of specialized nursing staff, the Pediatric Emergency Area provides care to children up to 16 years old.  A medical emergency…

Ingrown toenails


Fuentes: Castro ALM. Manejo de las uñas encarnadas en el 1er nivel de atención. Rev Med Cos Cen. 2009;66(587):43-47. Moreno M, Kaminsky A. Onicocriptosis múltiple. Dermatología Cosmética, Médica y Quirúrgica.…