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ABC Medical Center has a goal of net zero emissions by 2050

1 November 2022

Climate change has had a profound impact on human consciousness, altering economies, and affecting everyone through increasingly extreme weather events.

The health sector has contributed 4.4% of net global greenhouse emissions, due to the consumption of energy, transportation, and the manufacture, use, and disposal of products.

That’s why organizations like “Health Without Harm” are working to transform the healthcare industry around the world so that they reduce their environmental footprint and become a baseline for the community in terms of sustainability.

ABC Medical Center has been actively collaborating with this organization since 2014, implementing various programs that, together with its environmental management system, contribute to improving the community’s environment and health.

Thanks to this, the institution has positioned itself as a spearhead in reducing environmental impact and has been awarded the “Environmental Trajectory Award” through which all its efforts and contributions are recognized.

Thus, this year, ABC Medical Center was invited to be part of the “Race to Zero” within the Climate Health Challenge initiative, which arises from the UN to gather the leadership and support of companies, cities, and regions committed to a healthy, resilient, and zero carbon world.

Actions implemented by ABC Medical Center to fulfill this purpose are:

  • Energy consumption from clean sources with a 30% decrease in emissions derived from the consumption of electricity.
  • Upgrading of boilers that used diesel as fuel for smaller capacity and hybrid ones (natural gas/diesel consumption).
  • Change of fluorescent lighting to LED technology and scheduled shutdown of lighting and elevators.
  • Solar collector system with a heating capacity of 30% of the necessary hot water requirement on both campuses.

Therefore, for the next few years, the following will be sought:

  • Carbon credits generation.
  • Composting and modernization of AA equipment (2023).
  • Use of natural gas at Observatorio Campus (2025).
  • Sustainable purchases.
  • Reduce emissions arising from personnel transportation (awareness and optimization of the use of institutional transport).

This demonstrates the commitment that ABC Medical Center has to help reduce the environmental impact of its activities, benefiting not only patients and employees but also society.

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