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27 March 2020


In addition to being aware of the alternatives they offer, it is necessary to have a general plan that helps comply with these programs, such as:

  • Having schedules (sleep, study, and rest).
  • Enabling a place to study, free of distractions (TV, music, game consoles, etc.).
  • Communicating with teachers and establishing a study plan aligned to the topics that should be developed in class regularly. It is convenient to set a day and time for an idea-sharing session.
  • Defining the rules of distance learning. Preparing the questions, evaluations, and training exercises whose purpose is to monitor the students learning process. To the extent possible, use tools for comments so as not to overwhelm parents by asking them to write and submit them.
  • Creating teachers, parents, and school directors’ communities to fight the student’s loneliness or suffering and facilitate the exchange of experiences.
  • Using technology resources responsibly. The Internet is an excellent learning tool when used well.
  • Understanding that these are not vacations, but that the way of studying has changed and that now it will depend on each person, their habits, and flexibility to adapt to change, and even the way of communicating.
  • Understanding that this new type of study is an excellent opportunity to develop certain habits such as responsibility, commitment, knowing how to ask for help, collaboration, and perseverance, among other emotional skills.
  • Promoting autonomy, that is, developing the ability to manage and regulate learning levels.
  • Learning and studying as a family, using free educational sites and downloading books and audiobooks, as well as visiting online museums.

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