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Joint injuries Know what they are and how to prevent them

22 August 2022

See your doctor to find out how to prevent joint injuries or treat them correctly.

Joint injuries.

The demand for joint replacements has increased in recent years due to an increase in the elderly population, as well as the early diagnoses of osteoarthritis and advances in technology to perform such replacements due to joint injuries.

What are joint injuries?

As its name indicates, they are injuries or diseases that affect the joints, which can occur due to excessive use, an accident, a sports injury, or even some diseases such as arthritis or lupus.

A joint joins two or more bones, but also includes tissues such as cartilage, tendons, and ligaments that together allow different types of joint movement.

Muscle and joint pain should be attended to by an orthopedist or traumatologist, who will diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and prevent joint injuries or diseases that affect the patient.

How to prevent joint problems?

Illnesses or accidents aside, which are rare situations, joint overuse injuries happen when joints are overworked by doing the same movements repeatedly.

Before this, it is recommended to make physical activity to fortify muscles around the joints.

In the case of practicing sports or any activity that entails a possible injury to the joint, the appropriate equipment must be used for its protection and, in the event of discomfort, pain, or injury, it is important not to underestimate it and go to the specialist for a timely review to avoid future problems.

Visit an orthopedist or traumatologist to find out what types of movements could cause joint injuries and, if you are experiencing pain, learn about your treatment options.

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