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Benefits of natural childbirth

15 March 2018


The question: delivery or c-section? Is very common when planning how to bring a baby into the world. Although it is something that will be determined by your health status, fetus and pregnancy conditions, among other factors, it is important to know the benefits of each type of birth.

Advantages of natural childbirth

  • Fast recovery since the degree of invasion is minimal compared to c-section.
  • Strengthens the affectional bond between mother and baby due to the immediate contact.
  • The risk of endometritis (infection in the uterus) is lower compared to c-section.
  • The risk of bleeding or intestinal blockage is lower; as well as blood loss.
  • It favors the release of oxytocin, stimulating the production of breast milk.
  • There is no limit to the number of natural births.
  • The baby receives better brain and general oxygenation.


  • There is pain in childbirth.
  • It takes longer, compared to the c-section, which lasts about an hour.
  • Complications can occur due to different circumstances.
  • There may be a tear in the perineum, however, the doctor may make an incision to facilitate the fetus expulsion.
  • Cannot be programmed.

You are a candidate for natural childbirth if:

  • You have been in the first stage of labor for no more than 24 hours and you have 10 centimeters of dilation in the cervix.
  • Have frequent and intense contractions.
  • There is no fetal distress.
  • The fetus is in expulsion position, that is, with its head down.

In the end, having a natural birth or c-section depends on each patient. The treating physician should guide the future mother prioritizing her health and well-being as well as the baby’s.

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