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Visceral artery aneurysms

What are visceral artery aneurysms?

An aneurysm is an abnormal dilation of an artery due to a weakness in its wall.
A visceral aneurysm is one that occurs in arteries that carry blood to the liver, spleen, kidneys, or intestine.

Visceral artery aneurysms symptoms

Symptoms may generally not occur. Sometimes there may be abdominal pain and pain on the sides of the body.

The cause of these aneurysms is generally atherosclerosis and connective tissue diseases.
Sometimes they can form secondary to infections.

These aneurysms are usually found incidentally on tests performed such as a CT scan or MRI or abdominal ultrasound for other causes.

Treatment of visceral artery aneurysms

These aneurysms are treated until they reach a certain size or cause symptoms, as in most parts of the body.

Most of these types of visceral aneurysms are generally treated endovascularly.

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