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New technology designed for radiotherapy treatments simulation

12 April 2022

Key points:

  • New CT scanner at the ABC Cancer Center for radiotherapy treatments
  • First CT developed exclusively for radiotherapy.
  • More accurate diagnoses for patients.

ABC Medical Center has been a pioneer in many hospital areas, among them, the Cancer Center’s Radiotherapy service, the first in Latin America to have safe and innovative equipment and tools through which it seeks to know the unique characteristics of the oncological disease of our patients with a multidisciplinary management of professionals to provide accurate diagnoses and treatments that give people a better quality of life.

Thus, at the end of 2021, ABC Medical Center presented its new CT Simulator in radiotherapy, equipment that allows it to go a step forward and offer advanced and highly personalized therapeutic options. With this technology, radiation oncologists can access precise and detailed images of the organs affected by cancer as well as:

  • Greater definition of fundamental images in the process of planning radiotherapy treatments.
  • Greater comfort and closeness to the patient who is going to start their high-precision treatment.
  • Integration of 4D CT, which allows reconstruction of the tumor and the patient’s anatomy in real time.
  • Different integrated artificial intelligence tools that speed up the definition of the first steps of the radiotherapy procedure. Higher quality images that allow reconstruction with artifact attenuation that perform a more precise definition of the tumor volume and the organs at risk.
  • Its operating tools allow more time to be close to the patient.
  • An equipment developed exclusively for radiotherapy.
  • The most appropriate immobilization system can be used for each patient and each type of radiotherapy treatment.
  • Simulation is the first step to receive radiotherapy, to become a virtual model and program the treatment in specific software to send information to the linear electron accelerators where the treatment will be applied to the patient.
  • 85 cm doughnut and 32 slices reconstruct 64 that allow viewing different angles.
  • Flat table adaptable to all types of complexion (up to 220 kilos).

We know that this equipment will help ensure that medical personnel, who care for cancer patients, have the latest technology without forgetting to transmit the warmth and care that characterizes us.

Personalized masks for pediatric cancer patients

Nueva Tecnologia

More than three years ago, the ABC Medical Center began a social responsibility project for the comprehensive care of pediatric patients diagnosed with cancer.

Within the multidisciplinary management of these patients and, regarding radiotherapy treatment, which requires high complexity and precision, we have used immobilization systems such as thermoplastic masks for different tumors: acute lymphoblastic leukemia, central nervous system tumors, lymphomas, among others.

The project was born as an initiative to reduce stress and the need for sedation of these patients through the decoration of masks.

Since October 2018, more than 30 personalized masks have been made for each patient with their favorite superhero.

In the office visit and during the simulation process, the procedure is explained to the patient and how that thermoplastic mask, which with heat will take the shape of their face (physiognomy), would be decorated to their liking, once finished. Thus, in the first treatment session, the children find themselves wearing a mask that resembles their costumes and, when they put it on, they are no longer fearful children but superheroes fighting cancer.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the radiotherapist Alma González, who began the development of this type of mask, and to the entire Radiotherapy service team for always working with the patient in mind and giving the children the opportunity to fight cancer by being their favorite superhero.

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