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Omicron: signs and symptoms

22 January 2022

Key points

  • How long do the symptoms of the new variant last?

  • How dangerous is Omicron for health?

Since the new SARS-CoV-2 variant came to make us reconsider the certainties that the medical community had until then, it has shown that mortality has reduced with the new variant thanks to the number of vaccinated people around the world, coupled with each person’s health condition and immunological response.

Much has been said about this new strain as being responsible for the increase in infections worldwide, therefore, we will tell you about some of the main symptoms:

  • Runny nose

  • Headache

  • Sore throat

  • Fatigue

  • Sneezing

  • Body pain

Although they seem to be signs of any cold or throat infection due to seasonal change, it is necessary to have a test in the presence of constant low-grade fever or excessive throat dryness, especially to rule out suspicions and prevent the spread of the virus, since there is an average of 3 days from the exact moment of infection until the appearance of the first symptoms.

In total, we are talking about five highly dangerous days in which the Omicron variant is highly contagious and although some research shows that it may cause less damage to the lungs, this will also depend on each person’s immune system and their vaccination schedule.

With Omicron, the time that the virus remains in the body can be only one week, because after the first days with symptoms, most people are no longer contagious, as long as the symptoms do not increase.

Remember that if there is suspicion of COVID-19, it is better to take a highly reliable test. At ABC Medical Center we have antigen and PCR tests. Schedule your appointment and make a difference by preventing the spread of this new variant: Rapid test

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