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ABC Medical Center, the best hospital in Mexico

8 October 2021

For the second consecutive year, the Expansión, Funsalud, and Blutitude Ranking of the Best Private Hospitals in Mexico placed ABC Medical Center Observatorio Campus in first place nationally.

ABC Medical Center constantly invests in the continuous improvement of its hospital processes for the patient’s benefit. As proof, in 2021, the hospital completed 13 years of continuous accreditation by the Joint Commission International, the benchmark accrediting body for hospitals in terms of quality in clinical processes. ABC Medical Center also has the American College of Radiology accreditation, unique in the private hospital sector in Mexico. In addition, all doctors and employees are encouraged to seek continuous improvement in their daily work and their innovations are recognized in an annual best practices forum.

ABC Medical Center’s emergency protocols are at the level of the best international centers. ABC Medical Center is the only hospital in Mexico certified by the Joint Commission International for its emergency protocol for strokes. What does this mean? It means that patients coming to the emergency room with a stroke are treated in less than 45 minutes by a multidisciplinary team to improve their chances of recovery.

ABC Observatorio Cancer Center is an entire building dedicated to outpatient cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and specialist consultations). The hematopoietic cell transplant area is part of this Center and has had successful results for more than 12 years. There is a “Tumor Board”, which consists of cases discussion by various health professionals, which supports the accurate diagnosis and approach from a multidisciplinary point of view. This process allows establishing specific treatments for each of the patients suffering from cancer. Last but not least, there is state-of-the-art equipment both in the Imaging and the Radiotherapy area where there are 3 linear accelerators for the timely care of patients who require this type of therapy.

The Expansión Ranking also places ABC Medical Center Observatorio Campus in first place for Cardiology and Heart Surgery. This is due to the quality of the processes, doctors, technicians, nursing staff, and facilities that the hospital has to treat patients with circulatory and heart diseases. The ABC Medical Center hemodynamic room is unique in Mexico for its capacity and equipment quality. Of course, the ABC-Kardias Pediatric Heart Center, in which ABC specialists operate on walnut-sized newborn hearts to cure congenital conditions, greatly contributes to the recognition of the ABC Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Center.

These excellent protocols and results would not be possible without the hospital’s medical staff. More than 400 doctors, among the best in the country, contribute every day to strengthening ABC Medical Center Campus Observatorio’s commitment to its patients’ health. All physicians at ABC Medical Center go through a rigorous selection process. The ABC nursing staff stands out for its professionalism and warmth towards patients, it is also governed by the best international certifications. This allows ABC to be one of the best Centers in many specialties, among which the Ranking highlighted endocrinology, gastroenterology, gastric surgery, pneumology, and nephrology.

ABC Medical Center’s commitment to society has been exemplary throughout its history. The COVID-19 pandemic was no exception. The clinical results obtained and, particularly, the low mortality rate obtained by the Medical Center, were among the best in Mexico and in the world. Thousands of patients were treated free of charge by telemedicine. Effective and clinically safe innovative protocols that were developed and tested during the strongest waves of the pandemic were implemented. Today, and since January 2021, ABC Medical Center Campus Observatorio is no longer a COVID-19 hospital and is operating 100% with all its specialties, with strict safety protocols for all its patients.

Finally, it should be noted that ABC Medical Center is a Private Assistance Institution (Institución de Asistencia Privada, IAP). It is run by a board of trustees made up of members of the Mexican, American, British, and international communities. ABC invests most of its profits in assistance programs to improve the health of vulnerable communities, research, teaching, updating, and technological innovation to offer the best treatment to its patients.

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