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ABC Medical Specialties Center

2 May 2023

In a medical specialties center, you can find different branches of medicine, each focused on specialized medical knowledge to care for a specific area of the patient’s body, handle surgical techniques, or even offer some type of specialized diagnosis.

Within the wide variety of medical specialties, ABC has the following.


It focuses on the knowledge and study of the skin, as well as all the diseases that affect it.

As many skin problems can be related to other medical conditions like cancer and celiac disease, dermatologists work hand in hand with other specialists.


It studies the endocrine system and the diseases that affect its functioning. This system targets the creation of hormones in the body.

Conditions such as diabetes, calcium disorders, thyroid disorders, and care for transgender and intersex people will be handled by an endocrinologist.


It is responsible for diseases of the digestive system such as the esophagus, stomach, and rectum.

In case of suffering from acute diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, or diverticulitis, you will be treated in this area.


Geriatrics’ primary objective is to achieve the maintenance and functional recovery of older adults to achieve the maximum level of autonomy and independence.

For this, the specialty unit considers the clinical aspects for the patient’s treatment, prevention, or rehabilitation. If necessary, tools are also provided for the care of healthy or sick adults, as well as palliative care.


Hematology deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the blood and the organs that participate in its production.

Leukemia, lymphomas, thrombosis, anemia, and hemorrhagic diseases are some of the conditions treated in this area.


It is part of gastroenterology that focuses on the liver and its diseases.

Among the most frequent conditions are hepatitis A, B and C, fatty liver, or liver tumors.

Infectious Diseases

It is a very broad specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of countless infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

Respiratory, gastrointestinal, or urinary infections, as well as sepsis, are treated here.


Studies the anatomy of the kidneys and their functions, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect this organ.

Diseases that create stones or cause inflammation of the kidneys are treated in this area of​ medical specialties center. This specialty also covers hemodialysis, nutritional aspects of kidney failure, or special blood purification techniques.


Is the specialty in charge of the study of respiratory system diseases.

Asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, sleep apnea, or lung cancer are some of the conditions to be treated here.


Rheumatology is the medical specialty that is responsible for preventing, diagnosing, and treating systemic musculoskeletal and autoimmune diseases.

There are more than 200 rheumatic diseases. Among the most frequent we find osteoporosis, arthritis, low back pain, and fibromyalgia.

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