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Pregnancy. What should I consider in my delivery package?

25 March 2022

Key points

  • Prenatal consultations are key to properly monitoring your pregnancy and knowing your baby’s health.
  • At ABC Medical Center we have the best quality of care during this stage to share with you the joy of a new life.

At the Women’s Center, we offer you the widest range of services for the prevention, treatment, and monitoring of your pregnancy, guaranteeing the best care and providing an experience designed for you and your baby. To this effect, below you will find the benefits that you can have throughout your stay:

Multidisciplinary team: we have ob-gyns and specialized nurses who provide gynecological and prenatal care.

Personalized care: designed to meet your needs following medical recommendations for your care.

Treatment options: to reduce hospitalization times, guaranteeing a faster and less painful recovery.

Robot surgery: the use of technology allows us to perform more precise and less invasive surgeries.

State-of-the-art facilities: equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Check out the benefits that ABC Medical Center has for you and what our maternity packages include:

Natural delivery in LDR rooms

In this service we evaluate your physical health and your baby’s health, you can be accompanied at all times by a family member, friend, or partner.

Through breathing techniques, massages, warm water baths, and physical and emotional support, we seek to reduce the use of painkillers unless you decide otherwise.

The main feature of this room is that from the first minute of birth we will keep you close to your baby, strengthening the bonds between mother and child.

Normal or conventional delivery

When you reach 42 weeks of gestation, your baby will arrive in the best conditions, favoring bonds by putting them skin-to-skin with you for one or two hours, as long as your physical conditions and the baby’s allow it.

Includes care in labor and delivery rooms, and recovery area, as well as the service of a physiological nursery for medical monitoring of your baby.


If you have any last-minute complications or if the doctor recommended it to preserve your well-being and that of your baby. You can also be accompanied in the operating room.

At ABC Medical Center we like to always be one step ahead in the quality of care, which is why we also have diagnostic tests that can be of great help to you and the newborns. For example:

Hearing screening: we place a small hearing aid in the baby’s ear for a few seconds to record if there is any hearing loss. This procedure is recommended before 3 months.

Cardiological screening: cardiac anomalies can be identified in your baby’s heart. Recommended during the first 48 hours of your baby’s birth.

Metabolic screening: consists of taking a blood sample from the heel to identify diseases such as congenital hypothyroidism and galactosemia. We suggest you perform it in the first 5 days.

Regardless of the stage in which you are, you can go to the ABC Medical Center for nutritional advice during pregnancy, but also during the lactation period, our goal is to ensure that you always feel supported, listened to, and understood by our team of professionals.

Remember that early prenatal care will help you prevent complications and control the main risk factors that may occur at this stage.

At ABC Medical Center’s Obstetrics Center, we can provide you with specialized care. Contact us!

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