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There are different common diseases that children will suffer in their life

20 December 2022

Before birth, children are prone to situations that put their health at risk. This is because there are different common diseases in children, which must be treated by a pediatrician or specialist.

It is important that as a parent you pay attention to any type of condition that your child may present.

During the first years of our lives, diseases caused by external agents are numerous and can also affect adults, but because the children’s immune system is just developing, there are common diseases in boys or girls.

Infectious diseases

They affect the digestive or respiratory mucosa and can cause inflammation, pain, redness, irritation, and enlargement of the lymph nodes.

Among the common diseases in children are:

  • Bronchiolitis. It occurs in infants and young children during the flu or cold season.
  • Bronchitis. Central airway infection in the lungs. Although it’s more common in adults, children can suffer from it.
  • Sore throat. They can originate from viruses (no antibiotic is needed) or bacteria (an antibiotic prescribed by the specialist is needed).
  • Earache. It can have different origins such as an ear infection, skin infection in the ear canal, pressure from a cold or sinus infection, tooth pain, etc.
  • Urinary tract infection. It occurs when bacteria accumulate in the urinary tract and can occur at any stage of life. It can cause urgency to urinate, wet the bed, abdominal pain, and pain on the sides or in the back.
  • Skin infection. A skin test will be necessary to identify if they were exposed to people with bacteria. Boils and abscesses are common.
  • Common cold. The presence of viruses in the upper respiratory tract can cause this disease, it is common to have between 6 or 8 colds a year.
  • Bacterial sinusitis. Trapped bacteria in the sinuses can cause this disease.

Given the wide variety of diseases and symptoms that can occur in children and adolescents, it is advisable to approach your pediatrician who will assess the symptoms and give a specific treatment for each disease.

Sometimes an infection that started as mild can become more serious, so it is necessary to watch if your child worsens or does not improve after the indicated treatment and call your pediatrician.

If you think you have a case of common diseases in children at home, come to the ABC Medical Center Pediatrics Center where we can provide you with specialized care. Contact us!


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