Liver Profile


At the time of your visit, please have a minimum fast of 8 hours and maximum of 12 hours. In patients 0 to 1 years old the minimum fast is 2 hours and in 1 to 6 years old the minimum fast is 4 hours.

What it's for:

Evaluates liver, gallbladder, and bile duct function. Auxiliary in the diagnosis of cellular liver damage, bile duct obstruction, hemolytic disease, neoplasms, liver cholestasis, cirrhosis, metastasis, abscesses, cysts, parasites; biliary obstruction by stones and carcinomas. Paget's disease, crumbled bone disease, osteblastic bone tumors: Osteogenic sarcoma, osteomalacia. Malnutrition: Bad absorption, Kwashiorkor, and marasmus; severe liver diseases and agammaglobulinemias; nephrotic syndrome; protein-losing enteropathies; burns, pemphigus vulgaris; fever, inflammation, hyperthyroidism, malignant and chronic diseases; intravenous fluids, dilutional syndrome. Liver disease, vitamin K deficiency, disseminated intravascular coagulation, control of oral anticoagulation, factor II, V, VII and X deficiency. Hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, fatty liver, biliary obstruction, liver metastases, cholestasis; pancreatitis; Acute myocardial infarction (4th to 5th day). Assesses tolerance to various drugs: alcohol, barbiturates, and phenytoin.

Delivery time:

8 hrs

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    Obtén un 15% de descuento* en tus estudios de laboratorio al agendar tu cita en línea.

    Obtén un 15% de descuento* en tus estudios de laboratorio al agendar tu cita en línea.

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