Arrhythmia Clinic

Ritmo Cardiaco

The electrophysiologist is the cardiologist in charge of studying heart rhythm disorders, whether tachycardia or fast rhythms (palpitations), or bradycardia or slow rhythms. Once there is a diagnosis, different treatment options are offered, which can be invasive, through implantable devices, or drugs. We have different specialized clinics to offer specific follow-ups for each case.

Arrhythmia and pacemaker clinic: In the arrhythmia clinic, patients who have palpitations, alterations in heart rate, or documented tachycardia are treated to identify the type of disease they have and its treatment, whether through drugs, invasive procedure, or placement of a stimulation device.

Faint clinic: It is the study of patients who faint, to identify its cause and assess the risk level of the disease as well as its specific treatment.

Stress test: It is the assessment of the heart rate, pressure, and functional capacity of the child when they undergo an exercise test, the most common is walking or running on a treadmill. This test is used to assess the onset or end of cardiac arrhythmias or exercise tolerance in children with heart disease.

Sports clinic: It is the comprehensive assessment (anatomical and functional) of healthy children who intend to participate in sports including high performance, or children with cardiac pathologies that require starting physical activity.

In the pacemaker clinic, cardiac pacing devices and defibrillators are used to optimize and individualize their function according to the patient’s needs and also to identify the useful life of the device and change it when necessary.

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