Patients and relatives


Patients and relatives

At the Pediatric Heart Center, we care about the well-being of the whole family. The diagnosis of a heart disease is not an easy matter to handle emotionally, and it brings important changes in the lives of all members, not just the patient’s. In this journey that both doctors and families undertake, we face challenges, uncertainties, losses, and also unexpected discoveries and rewards.  To face these challenges we offer assistance, psychological and psychotherapeutic support, surgical liaison between family members and the operating room during the surgery, advice on rehabilitation after surgery and integration into school life, thanatology support and neurodevelopmental evaluation.


We have a special room where parents can sleep and bathe in the hospital, knowing that all of them are free of COVID-19, without any risk of contagion, neither for adults nor for patients who are admitted, thanks to the strict laboratory control and health protocols that are carried out before entering the hospital. This facility also prevents the family from having to spend on lodging and putting themselves at risk by being in a hotel and having to commute to Centro Médico ABC on a daily basis. Family members are allowed to stay in intermediate care unit 24 hours a day; in intensive care there is a visiting period in the morning and in the afternoon, which can be extended depending on the patient’s evolution until they go to intermediate care unit.

Our attention is focused on the family because it is where the child develops and from where it can grow happily adapted to its environment, it is its main source of safety.


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