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Arthroscopic surgery

21:59 - 4 May , 2021

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What is Arthroscopic surgery?

It is a minimally invasive procedure used to visualize, diagnose, and treat joint-related problems.

It consists of introducing an arthroscope, which is a small fiber optic camera, through a small incision (one centimeter or less) that allows a complete view of the joint and taking the required biopsies. 

Arthroscopic surgery is very useful in knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, ankle, or wrist joint injuries, avoiding risks and complications related to open surgery by manipulating less tissue, achieving a shorter hospital stay, and a faster recovery.

Potential risks:

  • Bleeding and infection.
  • Clots.
  • Injury to blood vessels or nerves.
  • Stiffness in the treated area.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Damage to cartilage or ligaments.
  • Allergic reactions to medicines.

Generally, the risks and complications are directly related to some factors such as:

  • Age.
  • General condition of the patient.
  • Type of arthroscopy performed.

Arthroscopic surgery is an effective tool for orthopedic patients, who can return home hours after surgery.

Although the incision wounds are minor and the pain in the joint that received the arthroscopy is minimal, it will take a few weeks for you to fully recover. Your doctor will develop a specific program of activities for your rehabilitation and to protect the joint from future complications.

At the Orthopedics and Traumatology Center we seek to improve the lives of patients restricted or immobilized by musculoskeletal disorders or injuries. We specialize in the care of the locomotor system by integrating the latest medical, biological, and technological advances, in strict adherence to the highest international standards of patient care.

We put our skills and knowledge at your service to provide you and your loved ones with cutting-edge treatments and highly specialized medical care in the following procedures:

We treat injuries such as:

  • Dislocation.
  • Chronic bone and joint diseases.
  • Ligaments.
  • Spinal diseases.
  • Joint replacements.

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