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5 tips to boost your mental health

23 November 2020


Key points:

  • Mental health is a state of well-being that allows us to develop our abilities and channel negative emotions properly.
  • Its importance lies in the fact that, thanks to it, we can be productive and in harmony with society.
  • Boosting your mental health is in your hands but it does not always depend on you, that is why you should see a specialist at any warning sign.

Let’s talk about mental health

It is an integral and essential health component in general, a state of well-being thanks to which people develop their abilities and face daily life stress, in addition, it encourages us to work productively and contribute positively to the community. In this sense, it is the foundation of individual well-being and the effective functioning of a society.

Each individual’s mental health is determined by multiple social, psychological, and biological factors. For example, economic pressure is a risk that determines the good development of people and communities.

That said, it is everyone’s responsibility to promote mental health to maintain a social, personal, and work balance.

Why is it important to be mentally healthy?

Because in this way we can channel everyday life situations such as stress, emotional losses, and day-to-day frustrations. It is also a social support since it helps us to create links with other people, contribute to society, and exploit our capacity to achieve our goals. That’s why we give you some recommendations for your mental health.

Boost your mental health in 5 steps

  1. Take care of your physical health
    Stay active, 30 minutes a day of exercise is enough to release accumulated negative energy.
    Adopt a sleep schedule, getting enough rest will keep you in good spirits and with enough energy to carry out your daily tasks.
    Eat healthy! Good nutrition can help you reduce stress and anxiety, as well as provide your body with the basic nutrients it needs to work properly.
    Avoid harmful products such as tobacco, alcohol, the abuse of sugars and fats. We assure you that it will help you feel lighter and with a positive attitude.
  2. Practice gratitude
    Due to the daily hustle and bustle and to the current world situation, we tend to forget about the positive situations that surround us, such as being healthy, having a job, family/friends to love and countless moments that can help us appreciate life.
  3. Always think positive
    Find a balance between your positive and negative attitudes, we know that there are obstacles and problems to solve every day, however, learning to channel emotions when certain situations arise can mean a great change between having a bad day or a good day.A great tip to achieve this is not to take things personally, being empathic with people will help you see things from a different perspective and conflict resolution will seem much easier.
  4. Practice meditation as a guide to relaxation
    Meditating is nothing more than getting comfortable, looking at a fixed point, and relaxing your breath, to balance the mind by focusing your attention and awareness on your body, trying to isolate yourself from all your thoughts.There are different methods to go into deep meditation, such as music, guided meditation videos, or simply being silent.
  5. Make your therapy your best friend
    Currently, going to therapy is one of the best ways to learn to know ourselves and channel negative emotions with the help of a specialist, in addition to the fact that there are many free or low-cost options.

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