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Benefits of physical exercise in cancer patients

19 May 2022

Exercise is very effective in helping you complete your cancer treatment, it has been shown that it empowers you, and improves your attitude and your energy throughout the day.

The World Health Organization (WHO), together with American cancer associations, point out that it is safe to exercise during cancer treatment, as long as it is authorized by your oncologist.

Dr. Marta Brito de Leon, ABC Medical Center physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, says that whether you have cancer o you just want to be physically active, you should consider 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: warm-up. It prepares the body for the fitness session and will last an average of 10 minutes.
  • Phase 2: cardio or strength. With an approximate duration of 40 minutes, it is recommended to do 150 minutes of training per week.
  • Phase 3: cool down. It helps relax the body after the fitness session, it will also last approximately 10 minutes.

The importance of structured exercise 

Thus, the warm-up, fitness session, and cool-down should last 60 minutes total; this will generate positive hormones in the brain which help with the perception of pain, says Dr. Brito.

Dr. Brito indicates that another benefit of implementing exercise in your daily life is because overweight or obese patients have a high cancer recurrence and exercise will help keep an appropriate weight and reduce recurrences.

At ABC Medical Center Cancer Center you will be able to address all your doubts regarding starting an exercise routine during your cancer treatment. You must remember that you should not do this without your oncologist’s approval because they know your case and can indicate the possible limitations of your body.

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Dr. Marta Brito de Leon – Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the ABC Medical Center

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